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French emissions investigations expand to Fiat Chrysler

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The French emissions investigations have been ongoing for some time, having their beginnings in the 2015 Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal, in which the carmaker was found guilty of using illegal defeat devices as a means of cheating emissions tests. Now, following charges against a number of other manufacturers across the globe, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Italy has been added to the list of carmakers under the scrutiny of investigators.

Owned by Stellantis, FCA Italy is suspected of alleged consumer fraud in respect of diesel vehicles being sold in France. The allegations against the brand reflect a trend, as many well-known carmakers have been accused of allegedly misleading customers regarding their compliance with emissions regulations. As things stand, carmakers are strenuously denying that they have done anything wrong.

The legal cases here in the UK are still gradually progressing, but we are investigating several carmakers over alleged breaches of consumer law, including Fiat. If you have recently owned or leased a diesel vehicle produced by one of the suspected manufacturers, you can check your eligibility for a compensation claim with us today.

Latest updates regarding the French emissions investigations

In the most recent update regarding the French emissions investigations, FCA Italy has reportedly been singled out as another manufacturer to be subjected to scrutiny relating to allegations of potential emissions fraud. FCA Italy had already been targeted with public allegations, but this is the first formal inquiry into the company in France, it is understood.

The news follows other developments in the French emissions investigations, as Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot, and Renault were reportedly charged with deceit over emissions allegations this June. As the first penalty issued to  manufacturers, some have been forced to pay millions of Euros in bank guarantees and bail payments, and further punishment may follow.

Our car emissions group actions

When the news of the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal first broke in 2015, we were one of the first firms to take on claims for affected consumers, and later initiated High Court proceedings against the company in early 2016.

Now, we want to use our expertise as pioneers of emissions litigation to ensure that all those affected by car emissions scandals are given the opportunity to claim compensation where allegations are proven to be true. Though the reasons for claiming may differ slightly between cases, the claims are largely being brought on the basis that the manufacturers and authorised dealerships allegedly misled customers, potentially deceiving them into believing that their vehicles were compliant with the law, when they may have been breaking emissions regulations, if allegations are proven to be true.

As in the French emissions investigations, manufacturers are continuing to vigorously deny the allegations against them, but we believe there is a sufficient basis to investigate claims.

Make your compensation claim

Our actions against Renault and Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, and Fiat have already begun, so we are taking on claims for anyone who may have been affected by alleged emissions irregularities. Most importantly for our claimants, we are offering No Win, No Fee representation, which means you won’t have to pay our legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful, subject to the terms and conditions agreed.

To find out more about your eligibility and the claim process, do not hesitate to contact our team for free, no-obligation advice using the dedicated website here.

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First published by Author on October 05, 2021
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