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IMPORTANT: we are no longer taking new cases forward and the court cut-off date for the GLO has now passed.

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IMPORTANT: we are no longer taking new cases forward and the court cut-off date for the GLO has now passed.

The biggest Group Action in UK history

With 11 million vehicles affected worldwide - and over a million of those right here in the UK - the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal is set to become the largest group legal action in UK history.

Thousands of victims have already signed up to claim with us, and we're well on our way as we lead the fight for justice. Whilst other firms have been just registering people's information, we have been taking cases on since October 2015 when the news of the scandal first broke - and our action now consists of thousands of clients signed up to our No Win, No Fee agreement.

Info about the scandal

The Volkswagen Group - which includes Audi, Skoda, and SEAT - have been using clever software to cheat emissions testing, affecting 11 million vehicles worldwide. The software knows when the vehicle is under emissions testing because the standardised testing used is extremely linear and procedural. For example, vehicles are tested for precisely 20 minutes travelling in a straight line from a cold start engine. The 'defeat devices' can recognise these conditions and ensure the vehicle operates to reduce emissions; but when it's in the real world, its polluting far more than it ought to be doing.

The result is the affected vehicles polluting 40 times more NOx, according to reports. Such blatant disregard for the environment, putting profits before people, should not go unpunished. That's exactly why we have vowed to fight for the rights of the victims of this scandal to claim back compensation from the billions of pounds the German automotive giants have been forced to set aside to pay for what they have done.

How bad is Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)?

When we think of vehicle pollutants, we mostly thing of carbon emissions - but NOx can do some serious damage to our planet, and to our lives.

NOx molecules can stay in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and can contribute to atmospheric warming 300 times more than carbon! Down here on the surface it can do serious damage to our health. It can irritate the lungs and affect our resistance to respiratory infections, and anyone with prolonged health conditions can be badly affected.

NOx can become trapped in inner city areas causing mini greenhouse affects where it lingers on and on, harming our health as we live and breathe the air it sits in.

Can I Claim?

You should be notified by Volkswagen (or Audi, SEAT, Skoda) to confirm that you are affected. If you have had the confirmation then we can probably take the case on right away and add you to our continually growing Group Action.

If you are not sure then there are facilities on their websites to check your vehicle. The affected vehicles are all so far diesel vehicles fitted with EA 189 EU5 engines.

Right now they are refusing to pay UK victims but we remain confident we can settle claims. We firmly believe we can show they are in clear breach of several very important pieces of legislation, such as The Supply of Goods and Services Act; the Consumer Protection Act; and the Misrepresentation Act.

You may be aware that they have agreed a compensation deal in the U.S. and we are happy that the UK victims will follow suit.

Ultimately, there is no doubt in our minds that this practice fits the description of an illegal 'defeat device' - and with Volkswagen already admitting that they have been using such software, we can't see how they have any leg to stand on in terms of a defence to claims.


With 11 million vehicles worldwide - and more than a million here in the UK alone - a lot of people out there are offering legal hep for people to make a claim. Some are claims management companies who simply sell claims to lawyers, and others are just people who have literally set up websites and new businesses to compile lists to sell to lawyers.

We must make this absolutely clear that this is NOTHING like PPI which a few of these unscrupulous people seem to be thinking. This is set to go to a Group Litigation Order with the High Court of Justice where there are strict timeframes for formally joining actions with the Court; and, moving forward, the process (for us lawyers, not for you!) will be complicated.

Instructing us means you have a real legal agreement with an actual law firm, and we will actually pursue the case for you. Leaving your information with one of these claims management people puts you at serious risk because your claim isn't actually being properly pursued.

We will NOT be buying lists from these people. We have already been approached, but we have never bought or sold claims because we don't believe it's an ethical practice.

Please make sure you instruct a real law firm for the action!

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