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Hair Loss And Hair Damage Using Wen Hair Products

Our Group Action Lawyers are investigating allegations that Wen Hair products can lead to hair loss, hair breakage, itching, and rashes.

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Our Group Action Lawyers have represented victims at the heart of the biggest Cosmetic Compensation Claims here in the UK like the PIP Breast Implant Scandal

If you have been affected here in the UK, we can help!

What has happened?

Hundreds of people in the U.S. are bringing a Group Action law suit against Wen through their marketing agency, Guthy-Renker.

All in all, there have been more than 20,000 complaints from consumers using Wen hair cleansing conditioner products, and the figure of those claiming in the current law suit in America is over 200.

Many of the women claim they have lost hair and / or suffered balding as a direct result of using Wen products. On top of that, women have also complained of hair breakage, itching, and rashes, with the majority of complaints being specifically in relation to the "Sweet Almond Mint" variety, although it is not solely this variety allegedly causing injuries.

Regulatory Investigations

As of yet, UK regulators like the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have yet to comment on complaints here in the UK.

U.S. equivalent, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have so far taken a number of steps as a result of the complaints. There is little action they can actually take when it comes to cosmetic products like the Wen hair products in question, and they are so far advising people to be cautious when using Wen hair products, and are investigating issues and liaising with Wen / Guthy-Renker.

Both the UK and the U.S. have suffered from poor regulation in the cosmetic industries for years, which has led to numerous actions and individual cases like the PIP Breast Implant scandal where thousands of women recovered millions of pounds for being fitted with dangerous breast implants.

We still are at the heart of the PIP Breast Implant Litigation having helped thousands of people as part of the action.


As of yet, no substantial ruling or conclusion has been given as to the validity of the complaints that have been filed. In addition, Wen / Guthy-Renker stand by their products and deny claims that it is their product causing the injuries suffered by the women bringing the action

HOWEVER - they are nevertheless settling the action brought in the U.S.

Despite their dispute, they are agreeing to settle the claims in the sum of $26.25 million.

This could see damages in the region of $25.00 for anyone who purchased an affected bottle, and up to $20,000.00 in damages for anyone who suffered injuries.

Here in the UK

We are investigating the issue here in the UK - if you have used Wen hair products and have suffered balding, hair loss, itching, rashes, or any other discomfort, please contact the Cosmetic Compensation Team here at the Group Action Lawyers as soon as you can.

If you still have any of the products used, please retain them, as they may be needed for testing. If you have already made a complaint to Wen / Guthy-Renkerk or the seller, please ensure you can provide any documentation sent and received.

In a word from our team:

"We've been calling for far better regulation here in the UK for cosmetic products for years. It's a known and ongoing problem where untested and unregulated products are being sold openly on the market, and potentially putting people's health at risk.

We've seen the worst of what can happen - the PIP Breast Implant Litigation was a testament to that. If anyone has been affected by the Wen hair products here in the UK, we are here to help."

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