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Our lawyers have helped thousands of people claim compensation through our No Win, No Fee service. When things go wrong, our No Win, No Fee guarantee means we can write our fees off so you don’t have to pay them.

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Group Action Law can be very complex indeed - but on top of that, they can also be very expensive.

When there are thousands of people all claiming in a Group Action that could last a few years, we'll be fighting for the rights of the victims and we may not see a penny paid to us for the huge amounts of work we do for years as well. Ultimately, we don't think it's fair for you to have to pay us upfront, or during the course of claim, and that goes for payments on account as well.

That's why we offer No Win, No Fee representation for Group Action claims.

It can depend on the action, the law and what's happened, but we have so far not asked for a single penny in upfront fees for any Group Action we have been involved in, and we have agreed to help every single victim on a No Win, No Fee basis too. The government do like to change the law a lot, so things may not always be this way, which is another reason to claim early.

But even now, not all law firms can do this because they can't afford the outlays and they can't conduct all the work (trust me, it's massive!) with the risk of receiving nothing at all.

Our Genuine No Win, No Fee Guarantee

It does exactly what it says on the tin - you lose the case then we can write off our fees for helping you. There are, of course, terms and conditions, but the principle is genuine.

Why we do this is simple: who on earth in their right mind would make a claim for compensation if they were at risk of paying thousands of pounds in legal fees?

We can assure you that we honour our agreements as well because we have had to initiate the Genuine No Win, No Fee policy on many claims in the past. The easiest example is the PIP Breast Implant Litigation where thousands were left unable to claim when major clinics who were responsible for paying compensation turned out to be uninsured and then used legitimate ways of liquidating their company and setting themselves up again under different names.

Whilst you can say this is unethical, their actions weren't illegal. Poor regulation in the cosmetic surgery industry meant clinics were not properly insured and loopholes allowed them to close shop and open up again with the same directors and staff, but without any legal liability to pay their victims.

For our clients affected, we absolutely honoured our No Win, No Fee promise and we didn't charge them a penny.

Are there ANY hidden costs at all?

This is a really common question because some people, sadly, don't trust lawyers very much and have concerns that we are here to sting them! Let us assure you that we have absolutely no interest in doing that, and we are of course very stringently regulated so we can't get away with that kind of practise anyway.

We can't speak for everyone and we are aware of other firms who have not been very forthcoming in the past, but our Group Action Lawyers have been fighting for the rights of Group Action victims for years, and we set out our agreements for you right from the start.

You can trust our Group Action Lawyers - we do really want to do the best for you and make sure you are not at risk of paying out if things go wrong, and the regulations we have in place protects you as well.

So: don't worry!

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Your privacy is extremely important to us.
Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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