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Equifax data breach compensation action

Data Hack Cyber

The Equifax data breach compensation action is one of the dozens of privacy cases that our Group Action Lawyers are fighting for justice in on behalf of victims.

Eligible claimants could be entitled to receive compensation for any distress that has been caused by the loss of control of their personal information. Privacy compensation pay-outs can amount to thousands of pounds, and this is a niche area of law that we have a great deal of experience working in.

This data breach did take place almost five years ago. Some time-frames have already passed, and you will need to speak to our team as soon as possible to see if you are still in time to pursue a case.

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Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust maternity scandal

Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has been in the media recently over the maternity scandals and the condition of care and treatment provided for over a period of two decades.

The findings of the independent review are tragic and terrible, and we are left questioning how the scandal had been allowed to go on for so long. There can only ever be the hope that the conclusion of the investigations brings some form of closure to those affected, but nothing can change what has already been done. Some victims have been left with lifelong and permanent, serious injuries, and others did not survive as a result of negligence and inadequate care.

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BA cyberattack group action 2022

British Airways data breach compensation

Did you know that, as of right now in May 2022, there is still time to join the BA cyberattack group action that we are representing people for here in the UK?

You may be aware that there were some previous settlements that took place, but this did not involve our group. We continue to represent thousands of people affected by the 2018 cyberattacks, and there is still time to sign up for a No Win, No Fee claim for compensation now. All you need to do is head over to the BA Group Action website here now and get started.

We will see final deadlines for the claims that we are taking on expire, and this may happen soon. As long as you have not already settled a case and you have confirmation that you were affected, we may still be able to help you now.

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Claiming in a data breach group action is important

Birmingham City Council data breach

Claiming in a data breach group action is important to be able to achieve some form of justice for what you have had to go through.

Claiming with the right firm and making sure to get your case launched in time is absolutely essential. This approach should give you the best chance of being able to succeed with a claim, and we will outline why this is the case below.

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Sodium Valproate claims for compensation

experts warn of buying diet pills online

Sodium Valproate claims for compensation can be pursued for damages for any injury and suffering that has arisen from the use of the drug.

The risks of using the drug during pregnancy can be significant and can lead to birth defects and serious developmental problems in infants. Unfortunately, consent and the explanation of risks to mothers has been an issue, leaving many not knowing that their unborn child could be at risk when taking the drug.

We are offering free, no-obligation claims assessments and you can speak to the team here now.

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Renault emissions compensation claims

Nissan and Renault emissions

Since 2015, a number of regulators and investigators have been scrutinising car manufacturers in regards to potential emissions fraud. Some investigations were provoked by the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal first reaching the news, with the carmaker subjected to allegations that it had used illegal defeat device technology to cheat emissions test. French carmaker Renault has since come under suspicion, and if the accusations prove to be true, those who own or have owned affected vehicles may be eligible to pursue Renault emissions compensation claims.

Like other carmakers, Renault strongly denies that they have done anything wrong. We will thoroughly investigate claims to see whether this is the case or not.

Our firm has played a pioneering role in emissions litigation since the beginning. As strong advocates of consumer rights, we saw that the “dieselgate” scandal represented what looked to be a significant injustice for thousands of people. We initiated High Court proceedings against Volkswagen to ensure that justice was done, and now we want to ensure that all other suspected carmakers are thoroughly investigated on behalf of the customers who may have been affected.

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Compensation for revision surgery in Group Actions

medical device recall

Claimants engaged in group and multi-party legal actions can be entitled to recover compensation for revision surgery where this is an applicable factor.

As Group Action Specialists (hence our name – The Group Action Lawyers) we have recovered substantial damages to cover this element of a legal case where it has applied in the many group actions that we have launched. Victims of negligence can be entitled to recover such damages as a claim is designed to help them as much as is reasonably possible, so corrective treatment is sometimes a must.

For anyone who needs this factored into a legal case, we may be able to help you now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Contaminated Products and Group Action Compensation

drug recall

A group action claim for compensation could ensue for issues in respect of contaminated products, and anyone who has come to harm could be eligible to pursue a legal case.

Group Actions and Multi-Party Litigation matters are what we specialise in. Having recovered millions of pounds in damages for clients in civil cases for many years, and with thousands of happy clients having settled their cases, our experience speaks for itself.

We are always happy to assess potential cases for free, and we can also offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible claimants.

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Virgin Media data protection breach anniversary: still time to claim

sign-up for a Virgin Media data breach

We are now two years on since the news broke about the Virgin Media data protection breach that affected some 900,000 victims, most of whom were customers.

We represent thousands of people affected by the data leak on a No Win, No Fee basis who are engaged in a Group Action for justice. We are at quite an advanced stage for many of the claimants given the length of time that has passed since news of the leak broke in the press, but you are still in time to start your claim if you have yet to join the action. However, time is running out and we urge anyone who has yet to start their legal case for compensation to do so without delay.

You can sign up to join the Virgin Media data protection group action using the dedicated website here now.

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Group action compensation for a workplace data breach

data breach group action

Employees can be entitled to pursue a workplace data breach compensation claim if an incident arises through the course of their employment.

As our name The Group Action Lawyers confirms, we specialise and focus on incidents that affect many people where their cases can be brought together. They can then be pursued as a group or multi-party action, and if there is a need to go to court then the legal cases can be joined into a Group Litigation Order (GLO). This is the method we use in England and Wales which is similar to the US term known as Class Actions.

We represent thousands of people in dozens of group and multi-party cases. Some of these have stemmed from a workplace data breach, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients.

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