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Victims of breast surgeon Ian Paterson urged to seek immediate legal advice

Hundreds of women are coming forward for legal advice after breast surgeon Ian Paterson was convicted of wounding with intent...

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Breast surgeon Ian Paterson has been convicted on 17 counts of wounding with intent and a further three counts of unlawful wounding of 10 patients. The cases stem from unnecessary operations he carried out as far back as 1997, and now hundreds of women are coming forward for legal advice.

He has reportedly been telling patients their health conditions were much worse than they were, and in some cases, he has allegedly fabricated cases of cancer. It appears his actions were to influence patients to undergo “completely unnecessary” surgery, and the motives of his actions remain unclear.

It’s speculated that his actions may have been financially motivated.

Patients incorrectly diagnosed with cancer

The criminal case revealed that 10 patients were told harmless lumps were cancerous and needed operating on, and many more were convinced they had cancer when they were actually at risk of it rather than having the life-threatening disease.

One patient who had an unnecessary mastectomy was left “significantly deformed”, and the result was as though she had been “in a car crash”.

"I’ve been mutilated"

Ms Douglas, a patient who was a victim of Paterson's, said: "I feel like I've been mutilated. I thought my scars were a badge of honour. Now I find he has mutilated me and I have been through all of this for nothing."

To hear you have cancer is one of the most devastating things a person can experience. To survive cancer is often miraculous. To go through the harrowing ordeal of being operated on because you thought you had cancer when all you had was a harmless lump is inexcusable.

Paterson conducting "experimental" operations

Paterson was previously caught conducting ‘experimental’ operations on over a thousand patients by reportedly leaving more breast tissue than he should have in mastectomy procedures for 'cosmetic' reasons. National guidelines warned that leaving breast tissue significantly increased the risk of cancer coming back. After Paterson was caught, these patients were called back to undergo more testing, and the hospital was forced to pay £17.8 million in damages.

What Paterson did was wrong and caused injury to patients physically and mentally. Patients trust their health in the professionals who should be acting in their best interests. We consent to operations on the belief that we need the procedure carrying out.

It appears that Paterson abused this trust time and time again.

One patient who spoke out about her treatment said she trusted him with her life. Now, over 100 patients have courageously come forward as potential victims of the alleged deception, and legal claims are being launched.

Paterson worked for the NHS at the Heart of England Trust in Birmingham, Spire Healthcare in Little Aston, and Parkway hospitals in the Midlands. Whilst Paterson was the one who carried out the negligent medical care, it is the hospitals and NHS Trusts who can also be responsible.

Group Action

Paterson has left potentially thousands of women mentally and physically scarred by his negligent and reckless actions. Whilst he has been found guilty and currently awaits sentencing, his victims deserve compensation for the anguish they have been through, and may have to go through in the future. Although nothing may be able to fully repair what he has done, financial compensation can go a long way to help with recuperation, and private surgery is an option for those with scarring and deformities.

The cost of private surgery can be included as part of a claim.

Our Group Action Lawyers represented a large number of people in the PIP Breast Implant scandal which left thousands of women needing further surgery as a result of being fitted with dangerous breast implants. We were successful in recovering the costs of further surgery, as well as recovering financial compensation for women having to undergo unnecessary surgery, and for the physical and mental scarring caused.

Do I have a claim?

If you have ever been treated by Ian Paterson you should seek medical advice to find out if you have been the victim of negligent treatment.

If it’s found that you have received unnecessary and/or negligent treatment, you may have a claim.

Medical negligence claims are often more complicated and harder to prove than other injury claims. Our team of specialist solicitors are experts at representing victims for medical and group action cases, and we can represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis if we’re confident we can fight your battle for justice.

If you would like to see whether you are eligible, contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How can I join?

As a victim of medical negligence you are entitled to seek compensation. Paterson’s guilty verdict can help those seeking justice for any mistreatment he is responsible for.

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