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The Data Breach Team of Group Action Lawyers are acting for individuals affected by the TalkTalk Data Hack where the personal details of hundreds of thousands of customers were stolen. Since then scammers who have hold of customer information have been targeting people by claiming to be from TalkTalk, with a number of individuals so far falling for their tricks.

What has happened?

The personal details of 156,959 customers were accessed, which included the bank account numbers and sort codes for 15,656 customers after a sustained successful cyber attack on Friday 30th October 2015. TalkTalk have contacted customers affected with advice, but the very real concern is that the personal data of their customers is being used as part of target acts of fraud that has stemmed from the attack

Can I Claim?

The personal details accessed are likely being used by the hackers to commit acts of fraud and may have been sold on the "dark web" to scammers and fraudsters who have contacted victims to try and scam them out of money.

We're acting and advising people who have been targeted and have lost money as a result of fraud when they were contacted by people who claimed to be from TalkTalk. The criminals had all their personal account details and were purporting to assist with real problems customers had reported.

If you have been targeted and affected then you may have a claim for data breach compensation.

We're aware that TalkTalk themselves are having difficulty in telling people whether they were definitely affected, but if you have been advised that your details were involved in the breach, or if you have become the victim of a scam you believe is linked to you being a TalkTalk customer, we can help.

The Data Breach Team here at the Group Action Lawyers are already involved in several Data Breach Group Action Compensation Claims, and they have been helping Data Breach victims for years.

We are offering No Win, No Fee agreements for victims of the TalkTalk hack, so avoid paying a solicitor privately, and take advantage of our risk-free service.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us.
Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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