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We're acting for a number of victims of the University of Greenwich Online Data Leak which saw confidential student information available to view online

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What has happened?

Confidential information was available online about students at the University of Greenwich, including personal medical information; highly sensitive family issues; and even financial data.

The information was discovered by a student who reported their concerns to the ICO, and we have taken on a number of cases for people involved.

The leaked information was posted alongside confidential minutes from meetings at the University's Faculty Research Degrees Committee, and although initial reports suggested that there could be hundreds of students affected, we have been separately advised by sources that it could be in the thousands.

Leaked information included:

  • Full names, addresses, and birth dates
  • Contact information such as phone numbers
  • Signatures (a significant concern in terms of identity theft and fraud)
  • Medical information
  • Mental health information
  • Sensitive family issues

Staff comments and private emails between students and tutors were also visible.

It still remains unclear as to how the information had come to be leaked online. It is believed that whoever was uploading the information may have thought it was being uploaded to a secure portal, or that any supposedly secure portal for data was inadvertently accessible. The whistleblower who reported the leak discovered the wealth of private information through a simple Google search, and it is believed the information may have been available for years.

Those affected are being contacted by the University with details as to what information about them was available. We're also aware that victims are being offered free 12 month subscriptions to Experience Credit Services to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Can I claim compensation?

If you have received confirmation that you were affected by the breach - which should be by way of a letter with specific information as to what information about you was leaked - we can advise you further about making a claim for Data Breach Compensation.

It remains uncertain how long the information was available for, and the very real risk of crimes like identity theft and fraud being committed off the back of this breach remain a concern. In hacks and leaks of the past, it can sometimes take years for information to be eventually sold on the "dark web" - who knows when such information may crop up for sale in the future?

If you have suffered as a result of the breach then our Data Breach Team are here to help you.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us.
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