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Ticketmaster data group action – still time to claim

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Three years have passed since the Ticketmaster data breach, which affected the private information of a huge number of customers. An external hacker was able to compromise Ticketmaster’s wider systems, allowing them to steal personal details and payment data from customers making online bookings. The wide-reaching impact of this breach must be accounted for, which is why we are still pursuing our Ticketmaster data group action, aiming to help those affected by the incident to claim the compensation that they deserve.

All third-party organisations in possession of personal information must abide by the regulations set out in data protection law. Where they fail to do so, their actions (or inaction) could be regarded as a data protection breach, and those affected could then be entitled to claim compensation for any harm caused.

If you were adversely impacted by the Ticketmaster data breach, you can assert your rights using data protection law by making a compensation claim. We can offer free, no-obligation on your eligibility for a claim, and can get your claim underway swiftly if we think you could be entitled to compensation.

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Recent British Airways data breach claim settlement – victims can still claim

British Airways data breach compensation

It has recently been reported that one group of claimants in the British Airways group action have reached a settlement with the opposition. The action against the airline was initiated in response to their 2018 data breaches, in which hundreds of thousands of customers had their data subjected to unauthorised access. Although this initial British Airways data breach claim settlement has taken place, our claims against BA will continue until we win our clients the compensation that they deserve.

One law firm decided to negotiate a settlement of their claims, but due to an agreement of confidentiality, the number of the claims settled and the values of the compensation pay-outs have not been publicised. However, when compared with the 420,000 people affected by the data breach, we estimate that only a small subset of those affected have been awarded compensation so far.

We are continuing to pursue our legal action against BA, and we are confident that we will be able to succeed with the action and obtain damages for our clients. If you have yet to make a claim, make sure to start your legal case here now to avoid missing out.

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Shurgard data breach claims

Email Data Leak

If you were affected by the Shurgard data breach of June 2018, you may still have a chance to claim compensation. We were alerted to the breach soon after it occurred and began representing people who had their information exposed.

The Shurgard data breach was caused by an internal employee error within the company, which led to the unintentional exposure of highly sensitive employee data. Those affected may have been made to feel insecure in their own workplace, a position that they should never have been put in.

In fact, all businesses and organisations who hold personal data have an obligation to protect it in compliance with data protection law. When a data controller neglects its responsibilities, they may be in breach of key data regulations, enabling the victims to make compensation claims. Those who were affected by Shurgard data breach can contact us to receive free and no-obligation advice on their eligibility to make a claim.

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Steering Committee in group actions


As specialists in group actions, we are used to representing huge client cohorts to fight against common defendants. Many people may have a basic understanding of what a group action is, but most may not know exactly how the legal proceedings work in these lawsuits. A Steering Committee is normally one of the key elements needed to bring a group action to court.

We are always keen to demystify consumer claims for our clients, as we believe that understanding more about the process can help them to feel confident and reassured about their claim. Any claimants who join our group actions can be sure that we will keep them updated at every step of the process.

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The third anniversary of the GDPR


This May, we have reached the third anniversary of the GDPR, which was introduced in the UK and across the EU in 2018. Seen as a momentous event for data security, the General Data Protection Regulation was predicted to overhaul data protection policies in UK businesses and organisations, affording data subjects greater rights and securities.

Designed to update data protection for the digital age, the GDPR requires that all data controllers use the appropriate technical cybersecurity measures and organisational strategies when processing and holding personal information. To some extent, important changes have been made, but it seems many data controllers have yet to fully grasp what their legal obligations are under the GDPR.

Unfortunately, there has been no major downturn in the occurrence of data breaches over the last few years, which have left countless victims worrying about the mishandling and/or exposure of their private information. Over more than 6 years of representing victims for privacy matters, we have seen how profoundly victims have been affected by incidents. We will be here to support victims in making data breach claims for as long as organisations neglect their data protection duties.

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The easyJet cyberattack – victims can still claim compensation

Data Hack Cyber

The easyJet cyberattack was revealed to the public in May last year, when the airline admitted that as many as nine million customers had been affected by the hack. Labelled “highly sophisticated” by easyJet, many victims were made vulnerable to cybercrime and security risks as a result of the incident.

A year may have passed since news of the breach hit the headlines, but easyJet still needs to be held accountable. If you were affected by the cyberattack, you can still sign up to stand up for your rights and claim the compensation you deserve.

With over six years of experience in data breach claims, we have the expertise to guide and support you through the process. Moreover, as specialists in group actions, we know that there is strength in numbers. By standing up to easyJet in a collective action, we could recover huge compensation pay-outs for our claimants. You can contact us today to start your No Win, No Fee claim.

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Group Action Lawsuit in the UK

new government product safety office created

A group action lawsuit in the UK usually involves collating multiple similar claims against a common Defendant(s) to fight for justice in one lawsuit.

When all claimants join the same group action, it can increase the efficiency of the legal battle and can also strengthen the force which lawyers can oppose the Defendant with.

At The Group Action Lawyers, we are pioneers of group action lawsuits in the UK, having represented thousands of claimants in dozens of group and multi-party claims. From huge actions against medical manufacturers, to our ground-breaking work in the emissions lawsuits against carmakers, our experience stretches far and wide. We are here to help anyone who thinks their consumer rights may have been violated, as we aim to hold both large corporations and local organisations to account for their abuse of power.

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Watford Community Housing data breach- one year on

Email Data Leak

In late March 2020, a data breach at Watford Community Housing Trust caused the exposure of thousands of tenants’ personal information. The information, much of which was highly sensitive in nature, was mistakenly leaked in an email. This was an error which, though simple, has caused distress and security risks for many of the victims.

We believe that there continues to be little understanding of the repercussions that victims can suffer following a data breach. However, we are determined to change this disregard by supporting clients to achieve the justice they deserve. The GDPR can entitle victims to claim compensation for their involvement in a data breach and the damage caused, so we can help anyone affected by the Watford Community Housing data breach to assert this legal right.

You can contact us today or sign up for a call-back to find out if you may be eligible to claim compensation.

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Arup data breach exposes private employee data

data breach group action

A cybersecurity incident at a third-party payroll provider has provoked a data breach at Arup, a professional services company. Affecting many former and current employees, the Arup data breach has reportedly exposed details disclosed for the purposes of paying employees’ wages.

Arup has yet to publish information on the number of people affected, but they have sent a data breach notification to let victims know which details may have been compromised. We have already accepted compensation cases for victims of the Arup data breach on a No Win, No Fee basis. Anyone affected by an incident like this may be entitled to recover compensation under the law, as data controllers have a legal obligation to protect the information that they hold and process.

If Arup has informed you of your involvement in the data breach, we can offer free, no-obligation advice to you regarding your potential compensation claim.

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Midlands News Association data breach causes exposure of journalists’ personal information

Data Breach Compensation

A report by HoldtheFrontPage has recently reported that the Midlands News Association has been faced with a data breach incident, after an unauthorised third party is understood to have accessed private folders.

It is believed that data relating to former journalists of the regional newspaper was published online after being downloaded. The MNA reportedly maintain that the published data is “difficult to download and access”, but the risks for the victims could be significant.

When a data controller fails to protect private information, they can be held accountable under the law here in the UK. The victims of data breaches can often be entitled to recover compensation for any harm caused to them. As such, anyone affected by the Midlands News Association data breach can contact us for advice on their potential claim. We may be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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