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Group Action Lawyers welcome new government department to stop faulty product disasters

new government product safety office created

We welcome the creation of a new government office whose mission is to prevent future product disasters and potentially save lives as well as headaches for consumers in Britain when mass-recalls occur.

The initiative comes off the back of the monumental Whirlpool tumble dryer disaster that saw some three million products liable to catching fire from excess fluff building up in the drums. It’s estimated that around one million tumble dryers are still out there that remain dangerous. This new government office is designed to prevent future disasters of this nature as well as dealing with the fallout when such incidents occur.
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Defective Electrolux dishwasher recall in U.K. prompts U.S. lawsuits

electrolux lawsuits

Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Co. (PCIC) slapped Electrolux Home Products Inc. with a law suit on the 14th February earlier this year.

The law suit was filed to the New Jersey federal court in the U.S. and comes off the back of allegations that complaints here in the U.K. were ignored.

The insurers are accusing the popular white goods company of a faulty wiring problem with their dishwashers, possibly relating to an incident where one belonging to a customer burst into flames – so we’re talking about a serious issue here of course.
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