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Eye injury group action claims for compensation

eye compensation

Eye injury group action cases can mean representing some of the most seriously injured people there can be when this vital sense is harmed or adversely affected by a problem.

We have, and still do, represent people claiming in group/multi-party cases for eye injury claims. If you need advice about an ongoing action, or about a potential new action, we are always happy to hear from you.

You can speak to the team for free, no-obligation advice here now.

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Your data has been shared without your consent – what can you do?

healthcare IT

When your data has been shared without your consent, the impact on you could be substantial in terms of distress and/or losses and expenses.

You could be eligible to claim compensation for any distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information. The GDPR can entitle you to seek and recover damages when this has happened, and we may be able to represent you for a legal case.

We are here to help. Please contact the team here now for assistance and advice.

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Medoject hypodermic and blunt fill needles

injection warning

An update has recently been issued by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) warning of the potential dangers of Medoject hypodermic and blunt fill needles produced by the manufacturer. After concerns were raised about certain batches, the manufacturer issued a Field Safety Notice recalling the five batches of needles in question, according to the MHRA. Used by healthcare services across the UK, there is a worry that a potentially harmful substance may have been unknowingly injected into patients.

Over the years, we have taken on a number of claims regarding faulty or harmful medical products, including hernia mesh and metal-on-metal hip implants. One of our biggest group litigation cases is that of the PIP breast implants – in our action, we have already recovered over £1m in compensation for the victims.

Although there is currently no evidence to suggest that anyone has been harmed by the Medoject needles, we believe that all cases like these require thorough investigation.

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Files on dark web after Stor-A-File cyberattack

medical recall for temperature sensors

It has been reported that tens of thousands of files that were exposed in the recent Stor-A-File cyberattack are now on the dark web and could be exploited by criminals.

We recently reported on the Lister Fertility Clinic data breach, which is one of the organisations affected by the cyberattack that involved services that they outsourced to Stor-A-File. The clinic has written to some 1,700 patients to inform them that their personal and sensitive medical details could be affected by the data breach. This latest development will no doubt come as a further blow now we know that information has been exposed on the dark web.

As leading Group Action Lawyers, we are taking action now and you can speak to the team here for confidential advice on pursuing a data breach compensation claim.

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MHRA raises alert regarding potential “incomplete sterilisation” – Steril Milano

hip replacement claims

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK government regulator that monitors the practices of medical product manufacturers and the safety of the goods they produce, has reportedly identified fraudulent activity involving a company based in Italy. Steril Milano is understood to provide services for sterilising medical equipment and devices for a number of manufacturers, including some who supply products to the UK.

However, following its acquisition by a new parent company in 2021, it is believed that Steril Milano did not complete sterilisation processes to the required standard for dozens of manufacturers to whom it provides its services. In response, according to the MHRA, they were forced to take action to ensure that the risk to patients in the UK is minimised.

Whenever concerns are raised about the safety of medical products, it is essential that regulators act to investigate the manufacturers suspected of negligence, as well as alerting relevant hospitals and healthcare centres to give them an opportunity to protect their patients. The MHRA has hopefully acted quickly enough in this case to prevent as many patients as possible from being harmed.

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Lister Fertility Clinic data breach action

cancer screening scandal

The Group Action Lawyers is in the early stages of working on a potential group action for anyone affected by the Lister Fertility Clinic data breach.

Correspondence is understood to be going out to those who may be affected, which could be as many as 1,700 patients. Medical records and sensitive clinical information could be exposed in the breach, so the impact on the victims could be significant.

The team is on hand now to offer free, no-obligation advice on a confidential basis here now.

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ForHousing and Liberty cyberattack causes data leak

Cybersecurity Virus

ForHousing and Liberty have recently been subjected to a ransomware attack after ForViva, a social housing group that manages properties in the North West, was targeted. While the impact of the breach has not been fully revealed, it has been stated by the company executive that a small degree of information has been leaked as a result of the event.

Though the attack is said to have begun on 26th July, the incident was first reported on 19th August, at which point ForViva issued assurances that the majority of information had been kept safe. Nevertheless, the incident may have raised concerns among tenants, staff and clients of the company, as ransomware can be one of the most serious cyber threats a company can be subjected to.

Incidents like this need to be carefully assessed to get a sense of the damage. Where data has been compromised, those affected may be eligible to claim compensation as part of a data breach claim. If you have been told that your data has been compromised in the ForHousing cyberattack, you may be entitled to claim, so contact our team today for free, no-obligation advice.

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Labour Party data breach event

Ransomware Labour Party data breach

It is understood that the Labour Party data breach event stemmed from a ransomware cyberattack that was initiated at the end of October 2021.

The Labour Party was forced to write to members at the start of November to confirm that their personal information could be affected by the incident. Recent data shows that Labour Party membership numbers are in the region of half a million, so we could easily be talking about hundreds of thousands of people being affected in the event of any information caught up in the attack is misused or exposed.

We continue to monitor developments of this incident closely, and we are taking on claims for data breach compensation now. If personal information is misused or exposed, victims affected could be entitled to pursue a data breach compensation claim now.

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Sky Vegas email promoting services sent to self-excluded customers

samsung recall

It appears that an error has resulted in a Sky Vegas email that was promoting enticing gambling offers was sent out on a mass basis, including to people self-excluding from gambling.

It can be possible for people to self-exclude from gambling using a platform directly or through a service such as GamStop. This can prevent them from using gambling services, and it is a vital tool to protect people who may suffer from gambling addictions and may be losing a significant amount of money. You would not expect such vulnerable people to receive an email with enticing gambling offers, and it seems that Sky Vegas should have excluded those people from their marketing promotion.

Unfortunately, they failed to do so. This may mean that people suffering from addictions could be at risk of relapsing having received the email, and we expect people to be understandably distressed over the event.

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Emissions compensation actions

Mercedes emissions compensation

As one of the first law firms to take on claims against Volkswagen in England and Wales, we went on to pioneer car emissions litigation, initiating group actions against a number of other car manufacturers. Now, we have initiated a number of emissions compensation actions against carmakers who have also become embroiled in emissions allegations.

In 2015, it emerged that Volkswagen vehicles may have been emitting far more toxic NOx (nitrous oxide) than was first believed. Carmakers are bound by strict emissions regulations, but it seemed that Volkswagen had been using so-called defeat devices, a type of software installed in engines as a means of disguising the true emissions output of its diesel vehicles.

While Volkswagen has been found guilty of using defeat devices, thus far, we believe there is sufficient information for us to investigate many car manufacturers in respect of emissions cheating. If the allegations are proven, more car manufacturers may not only have broken emissions regulations, but they may also have breached consumer law. If you own or previously owned an affected vehicle, you can register for an emissions compensation claim today to seek the justice you deserve.

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