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Allegations against Renault denied by former chief

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The former executive of car companies Renault and Nissan has come forward to deny the allegations against Renault, acting as a witness in French investigations that are ongoing into the carmaker. Carlos Ghosn himself became the subject of controversy after he was reportedly arrested in Japan for alleged financial misconduct, which was said to be due to misuse of company money. It was then reported that he later travelled to Lebanon and may have been able to evade the charges against him.

However, in the latest emission scandal news, Ghosn was speaking in relation to the charges against the company that he formerly led, as French prosecutors recently charged Renault with deceit following lengthy investigations. Mirroring the company’s own response to the accusations, Ghosn refuted the claims of any wrongdoing.

Emissions fraud first became a topic of major public discussion when the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal broke in 2015. This came with the revelations that the carmaker had been using illegal defeat devices that were designed to cheat emissions tests, something they have continually denied. Our initiation of High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in 2016 has helped to pave the way for the carmaker being held responsible for issues with emissions software, and we are seeking to hold further carmakers accountable for any alleged emissions fraud. If it is found that your vehicle has been affected by emissions irregularities, you may be entitled to claim compensation now.

Ghosn’s denial of allegations against Renault

Ghosn’s arrest for alleged financial misconduct and his subsequent activities have undoubtedly cast aspersions on his own character, but he only spoke as a witness when questioned by French prosecutors this July. The magistrates travelled to interview Ghosn in Lebanon, and the former Renault boss took the opportunity to deny his own involvement, stating his position in the chain of command meant that he had nothing to do with engine performance, he claims.

He also sought to deny the more general allegations against Renault, explaining that there was no cover-up of any alleged emissions issues, and entirely refuting the claim that the company failed to comply with emissions standards, it is understood.

Renault and emissions compensation claims

The allegations against Renault are not just isolated to the French investigations. We are pursuing our own group action against the company on the basis of the current accusations of alleged emissions fraud, representing owners on a No Win, No Fee basis for claims.

As was the case in the Volkswagen action, Renault may have allegedly deceived customers regarding the excessive emission output of their vehicles. If these allegations are proven to be true, the affected customers could be eligible to claim compensation.

Claim with expert Group Action Lawyers

We are currently leading emissions group actions against a number of major carmakers, including Renault and Nissan, Porsche, Mercedes, Fiat, and Jaguar Land Rover. Anyone who has bought or leased a diesel vehicle that has been associated with emissions irregularities, or has been subjected to a recall, could be eligible to claim.

At Your Lawyers, we were one of the first firms in England and Wales to take on and bring claims against Volkswagen in respect of alleged emissions deceit. The allegations against Renault are far from isolated, and we want to ensure any suspected manufacturers are thoroughly scrutinised for any potential breaches of consumer law.

You can contact our team today to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential No Win, No Fee claim.

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First published by Author on September 28, 2021
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