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Royal Derby Hospital gynaecologist malpractice compensation claims

Royal Derby Hospital gynaecologist

The specialist team at the Group Action Lawyers is able to assist anyone affected by the Royal Derby Hospital gynaecologist malpractice allegations.

If you have been affected by the consultant, or contacted by the NHS Trust to inform you require further care or investigation, you could be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation.

We have a great deal of experience in the complex area of medical negligence and we want to help anyone affected by these issues to get the justice that they deserve. We have a great deal of experience and specialism in large-scale medical matters as well, having recovered millions of pounds for clients over a number of years.

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Greater Manchester Police data breach could lead to Group Action

Data Breach Compensation

The recently revealed Greater Manchester Police data breach that may have affected thousands of victims of serious crime could lead to a Group Action Compensation Case.

The serious data leak, revealed in an exclusive story from ManchesterMill.Co.Uk, is based on information sourced from an anonymous whistleblower. According to the reports, a test database was accessible online without a password on the website for a third-party IT contractor.

It is unknown if the database was accessed, but the information involved in the incident is understood to have included the names and addresses for victims of serious crime. It is also understood to have included information for witnesses and informants.

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Blackbaud data breach compensation claims advice

Data Hack

We are representing clients who have been victims of this year’s Blackbaud data breach where information has been exposed as a result of a cyberattack.

The nature of the information involved was incredibly personal and sensitive and included: names and addresses; dates of birth; gender details; and information relevant to the organisation the information was for. Many of the victims’ information was with their current or former university, and also included data such as: student numbers; qualification information; extracurricular activity data; employment data; and other additional information collected.

If you have been affected by this cyberattack, here is some information about how we can help you.

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Pelvic mesh compensation claims

vaginal mesh implant inquiry

Our specialist team at the Group Action Lawyers represent victims for pelvic mesh compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis in England and Wales.

We have been helping people with advice and claims in this complex and niche area of law for a number of years, and this is one of the over 50 group and multi-party actions that we have launched. We have a great deal of experience and specialism in medical compensation cases, having recovered millions of pounds for clients over several years.

You are not alone, and you have a voice for justice. Here is some brief guidance about how we may be able to help you, as well as how you can contact the team for free, no-obligation advice today.

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Medical product compensation claims

hip replacement claims

We have a huge amount of experience when it comes to representing people for medical product compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have been harmed and have suffered injury and loss as a result of a medical product, you could be entitled to bring a legal case for damages. These kinds of claims can be hard to succeed with, so it is important that you get the right legal representatives, and experience is key.

It is often the case that you have a fight on your hands when you are taking on huge multinational corporations that manufacture medical devices. We can be your voice for justice to make sure that you receive some form of justice for what you have had to go through.

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Mercedes emissions claim: what you need to do

Mercedes emissions compensation

You can start your No Win, No Fee Mercedes emissions claim for compensation with us today – quickly and easily.

We are taking legal cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that, subject to the terms and conditions agreed, we can write off our legal fees if the case does not succeed. All you need to do is sign-up for a case and take part in what is set to be one of the biggest actions that the UK has ever seen.

Here is some vital guidance about how to get started, some information about the action, and a few key pointers about who we are and what we do.

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easyJet cyber-attack compensation action

Data Hack Cyber

We represent clients pursuing easyJet cyber-attack compensation claims as victims of the recently discovered incident that hit the headlines in May.

Some 9 million customers have been subject to a cyberattack where personal information has been exposed. Thousands of the victims may also have also had payment card data exposed as well. Whether you had personal details or payment card data exposed, you could be eligible to claim compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

This action is one of the over 50 group and multi-party cases we have launched as a specialist firm of Group Action Lawyers.

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BA data breach compensation claim: join the action today

British Airways data breach compensation

If you have yet to start your BA data breach compensation claim, you still have the chance to sign-up and now and benefit from our No Win, No Fee representation.

However, time is running out to join. There is a court deadline for joining which falls early next year and, if you miss this, you could miss out on your chance to receive thousands of pounds in compensation.

As specialist Group Action Lawyers fighting for justice in over 50 group and multi-party actions, we can tell you from considerable experience that people will miss the deadline. In fact, people miss the deadlines all the time and we often receive new enquiries from people who have lost out on the chance to claim thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds in compensation from actions that closed years ago.

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US Mercedes emissions settlements

Mercedes emissions settlements

We are pleased to see the Mercedes emissions settlements that have taken place in the US, with $2.2bn set aside for resolving both civil and environmental claims.

Although this does not have a direct influence on any UK cases here, it is positive to see the news of the settlements. Action in the UK is taking place and you can be eligible to claim compensation if you are affected by the issues here in the UK.

Here is how we may be able to help you.

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Emissions compensation claims with The Group Action Lawyers

emissions compensation

The Group Action Lawyers fight for justice in a number of emissions compensation actions, representing clients for claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

This includes cases against Mercedes, Porsche, and Nissan and Renault. If you have been a part of a recall for any of those carmakers, we may be able to take a compensation case forward for you now.

Here is a little advice about our emissions work and our experience in this area of law. To get in touch with the team now, please see our Contact Page here.

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