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Commissioner to champion people harmed by medicines or medical devices

hip replacement claims

In a huge win for anyone harmed by medicines or medical devices, the government has agreed to the appointment of an Independent Patients’ Commissioner. Their role will be to stand up for people who have fallen victim to the dangerous side-effects of certain medical products.

At The Group Action Lawyers, we have been raising the unheard voices of suffering patients for many years, taking on many clients in large group and multi-party actions against powerful medical companies and manufacturers. As such, we welcome the news of this new public service, which represents a significant step in the right direction for patients and overall safety.

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Thousands could make Essure compensation claims

mesh pain

If you have suffered as a result of complications arising from the use of Essure, perhaps leading to the removal of the device or a recommendation by your doctor to have Essure removed, you could be one of the many eligible to make Essure compensation claims with the Group Action Lawyers.

Essure is a form of permanent birth control that is usually fitted whilst a patient is awake. It is then designed to sterilise the recipient and was manufactured by Bayer HealthCare in the United States but has been fitted in women across the globe.

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Rise in anti-depressants prescriptions for children

anti-depressants prescriptions for children

The reported rise of anti-depressants prescriptions for children could be a cause for concern, particularly when the use of anti-depressants is not generally recommended by the NHS for under 18’s.

Recent figures reportedly show over 1,500 children under the age of 5 were prescribed anti-depressants, with the numbers reaching over 91,000 for 16-year olds.

Any recent reported rise in anti-depressants prescriptions for children could be partially attributed to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March. Many people, children included, have struggled to receive professional mental health services as the waiting times are so long. With the NHS staff under further pressure to cope during the pandemic, many surgeries and treatments have seen pauses and delays as resources are directed elsewhere.

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Pelvic mesh compensation claims

vaginal mesh implant inquiry

Our specialist team at the Group Action Lawyers represent victims for pelvic mesh compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis in England and Wales.

We have been helping people with advice and claims in this complex and niche area of law for a number of years, and this is one of the over 50 group and multi-party actions that we have launched. We have a great deal of experience and specialism in medical compensation cases, having recovered millions of pounds for clients over several years.

You are not alone, and you have a voice for justice. Here is some brief guidance about how we may be able to help you, as well as how you can contact the team for free, no-obligation advice today.

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Medical product compensation claims

hip replacement claims

We have a huge amount of experience when it comes to representing people for medical product compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have been harmed and have suffered injury and loss as a result of a medical product, you could be entitled to bring a legal case for damages. These kinds of claims can be hard to succeed with, so it is important that you get the right legal representatives, and experience is key.

It is often the case that you have a fight on your hands when you are taking on huge multinational corporations that manufacture medical devices. We can be your voice for justice to make sure that you receive some form of justice for what you have had to go through.

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Hernia mesh compensation claims: what you need to know

hernia mesh compensation claims

We represent victims for hernia mesh compensation claims and we can work for our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis, with a free initial case assessment.

We understand how severe the pain and problems can be when hernia mesh has gone wrong. Claiming compensation can be important for any victim to receive some form of justice for what they have to go through.

Here is some guidance about when you could claim, what you could claim for, and how we assess claims to bring them to a successful conclusion.

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Johnson & Johnson pelvic mesh settlements

mesh implants

News of the Johnson & Johnson pelvic mesh settlements in Scotland are welcome here at the Group Action Lawyers as the wider fight for justice continues.

Settlements have now been achieved for thousands of people worldwide, and millions of pounds in damages have been paid out. But the battle for many women rages on, and we represent people for cases here in England and Wales.

Here, we will briefly cover the settlement in Scotland and how this affects vaginal mesh claimants in the rest of the UK.

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Advice for pelvic mesh compensation claim

pelvic mesh inquiry vaginal mesh implants concerns

If you need to make a pelvic mesh compensation claim, we may be able to represent you for a legal case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We already represent several women suffering from horrendous problems and complications that arise from vaginal mesh issues, and we may be able to help you too. We often warn that women who think they may have a case should contact us as soon as they can to avoid missing any deadlines to claim. In cases like this, there can be numerous deadlines and you do not want to miss any.

We recently wrote an article about deadlines which you can also read here. For more information about making a claim for vaginal mesh injuries, read on.

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Drugs recall compensation claims advice

liver disease drug warning

Drugs recall compensation claims can form into group and multi-party actions when users have suffered as a result of a problem with the manufacturers or the suppliers.

The impact for the victims in these kinds of cases can, of course, be severe; especially if the drugs being recalled are for serious or even life-threatening conditions. Even the fact that there is a recall can be worrying for the patients who are told to stop taking their medication and seek replacements.

When these kinds of recalls happen, they can lead to group action compensation claims if the impact on the victims is severe enough. Groups could range from just a small number of victims who were unlucky enough to be affected, to thousands of people who may have suffered.

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Compensation and justice for hernia mesh pain

pain and problems

In some cases, when things have gone wrong, hernia mesh pain can be substantial, permanent and completely life-altering.

Mesh implants remain at the centre of controversy, and as a result of growing numbers of patients suffering with pain and problems from hernia mesh surgery, we’re now acting for a number  of people who are claiming personal injury compensation.

In some cases, making a claim can be the only way of obtaining some form of justice for what has happened. Importantly, claims can sometimes include private surgery and treatment options as well.

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