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80% of baby formula reportedly contains arsenic!

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Scientific studies into baby food have allegedly found that a shockingly high-level of baby formulas tested contained arsenic.

To be precise, some 80%!

Arsenic poisoning is extremely serious as it can attack the blood cells and can be fatal. For a baby or an infant, the thought of them ingesting arsenic is literally horrifying. Not-for-profit organisation The Clean Label Project believes that the labelling of food and products should be completely transparent, and it was this organisation that reportedly tested a variety of baby foods, formulas, drinks and snacks for toddlers to see just what they contained.
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Lidl gravy was once found to have been contaminated with paint thinner ingredient!


Here’s an unusual story from around this time last year. Reportedly, dangerous amounts of Xylene were found in Lidl’s Kania Meat and Kania Chicken Gravy Granules, leading to Lidl recalling the products and offering full refunds to customers.

As the countdown to Christmas has begun, one can only hope we don’t see a repeat of something like that – this year!

We don’t often cover contaminated food stories, but as budget supermarkets are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, we were reminded of this one in last year’s run up to Christmas, and decided to blog it!
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