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Volkswagen emissions action settlement

The Volkswagen emissions action settlement for claimants engaged in the Group Litigation Order (GLO) in England and Wales is another positive step forward in the global fight for emissions justice.

Tens of thousands of drivers are now in line for pay-outs, despite VW disputing that they had done anything wrong for several years. Whilst settlements can still be made without any admission of liability, it is clear that the compromise recognises the justification for compensation arising from the “Dieselgate” scandal.

The Group Action Lawyers has been representing victims of the emissions scandals since 2015. Eligible clients are able to benefit from our legal services on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Emissions compensation actions

Mercedes emissions compensation

As one of the first law firms to take on claims against Volkswagen in England and Wales, we went on to pioneer car emissions litigation, initiating group actions against a number of other car manufacturers. Now, we have initiated a number of emissions compensation actions against carmakers who have also become embroiled in emissions allegations.

In 2015, it emerged that Volkswagen vehicles may have been emitting far more toxic NOx (nitrous oxide) than was first believed. Carmakers are bound by strict emissions regulations, but it seemed that Volkswagen had been using so-called defeat devices, a type of software installed in engines as a means of disguising the true emissions output of its diesel vehicles.

While Volkswagen has been found guilty of using defeat devices, thus far, we believe there is sufficient information for us to investigate many car manufacturers in respect of emissions cheating. If the allegations are proven, more car manufacturers may not only have broken emissions regulations, but they may also have breached consumer law. If you own or previously owned an affected vehicle, you can register for an emissions compensation claim today to seek the justice you deserve.

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Allegations against Renault denied by former chief

Nissan and Renault emissions

The former executive of car companies Renault and Nissan has come forward to deny the allegations against Renault, acting as a witness in French investigations that are ongoing into the carmaker. Carlos Ghosn himself became the subject of controversy after he was reportedly arrested in Japan for alleged financial misconduct, which was said to be due to misuse of company money. It was then reported that he later travelled to Lebanon and may have been able to evade the charges against him.

However, in the latest emission scandal news, Ghosn was speaking in relation to the charges against the company that he formerly led, as French prosecutors recently charged Renault with deceit following lengthy investigations. Mirroring the company’s own response to the accusations, Ghosn refuted the claims of any wrongdoing.

Emissions fraud first became a topic of major public discussion when the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal broke in 2015. This came with the revelations that the carmaker had been using illegal defeat devices that were designed to cheat emissions tests, something they have continually denied. Our initiation of High Court proceedings against Volkswagen in 2016 has helped to pave the way for the carmaker being held responsible for issues with emissions software, and we are seeking to hold further carmakers accountable for any alleged emissions fraud. If it is found that your vehicle has been affected by emissions irregularities, you may be entitled to claim compensation now.

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Thermal windows and the car emissions scandal

emissions compensation

Many people will have seen the countless headlines surrounding the car emissions scandal, but it can be difficult to understand exactly what methods car manufacturers might have used to cheat emissions tests. It has been suggested that some carmakers have allegedly exploited so-called ‘thermal windows’ which could allow vehicles to still produce what could be deemed as excessive nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

If such accusations are proven to be true, it may be that many diesel vehicles have been producing significant volumes of harmful emissions. Regardless of the exact method used, any suspicions of emissions cheating should be addressed.

Following the High Court ruling that Volkswagen has been using defeat devices in certain diesel vehicles, we have started group actions against other suspected car manufacturers over similar allegations. Those who own or have previously owned affected vehicles may be entitled to recover thousands of pounds in compensation.

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Group action deadlines: IMPORTANT WARNING

court judge gaval

Missing group action deadlines can mean that you are unable to complete a compensation claim as part of an established action.

This can mean that you are then unable to recover any compensation at all, so it is incredibly important to make sure you start a legal case as soon as you can. You do not want to miss out on thousands of pounds by leaving it too late.

We wanted to raise more awareness about this as we have recently received new enquiries from a number of people affected by the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal. The court deadline for this action has passed and we are unable to take new cases forward. Here is some additional advice about the deadlines and the consequences of missing them.

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Volkswagen claim deadline triggers fresh wave of enquiries

volkswagen class action

As expected, the Volkswagen claim deadline has triggered a huge wave of new enquires trying to start their case before the cut-off point.

We always have made a real point of the fact that Claimants MUST start their case as soon as they can. There’s no point in waiting until the last minute, and those who do risk missing out entirely.

Our office phone lines have been ringing off the hook over the last few weeks. Enquiry numbers have skyrocketed. The reason is the looming deadline; a deadline that expires today.

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Volkswagen issue warnings not to use rear seats over seatbelt buckle design flaw

volkswagen class action

Volkswagen has issued warnings not to use rear seats over a seatbelt buckle design flaw that can lead to seatbelt buckles coming open when vehicles change lanes at high-speeds.

Independent testing of three models – the Volkswagen Polo, SEAT Arona and SEAT Ibiza – identified the problem that has led to the German automotive giant finding themselves in yet another costly crisis as they continue to pay billions of pounds over their 2015 “dieselgate” scandal that our Group Acton Lawyers are fighting for justice for.

This latest problem is one in a long line of scandals and crises VW has been facing in recent years.

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Will the Volkswagen class action change the way the UK handles Group Litigation?

volkswagen class action

Will the Volkswagen class action change the way the UK handles Group Litigation Order cases? We have never had a class action of this kind of scale and nature in the UK before, and whilst our American cousins are used to dealing with class actions involving millions of people, the UK, typically, is not.

The UK Volkswagen compensation case could include more than 2 million potential claimants. That is monumental in any scope of class actions here in the UK, and this action may set some important precedents for the future.

In some ways, we hope this may be a catalyst for change.
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