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Warnings over bodybuilding products bought online being unsafe and mislabelled

warning claims over bodybuilding pills online

The internet has opened up the easiest way of accessing practically any kind of market, and many people – particularly young men – are turning to the internet in search of products they can use to help increase their muscle mass and improve their frame.

But, experts are warning consumers to be careful about products they buy online after studies into bodybuilding products found alarming results about the real ingredients contained within them.

The results of the study have indicated that many online bodybuilding products may be unsafe, or at least mislabelled.
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Consumers warned about buying diet pills online

experts warn of buying diet pills online

The internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for consumers to find new suppliers in all market sectors, but one of the more popular ones is the health and beauty market. The option for shopping for diet products with discretion is often a bonus for consumers, but with the growth of platforms like Amazon and eBay, there are new warnings about purchasing diet pills online.

Some experts have warned against people putting their faith in buying diet pills online, and regulators have already stepped in over the kinds of claims the suppliers and manufacturers are making.
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