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The Gatwick drone incident raises legal questions

British Airways data breach compensation

The Gatwick drone incident that has brought one of the UK’s biggest airports to a complete standstill this week raises big legal questions.

We’ve written before about the use of smart technology and how it can be dangerous. Although the Gatwick drones appear to be high-tech and are being used as part of what appears to be a deliberate ploy, everyday drones can be dangerous. It’s those drones that can be easily bought online or on the high street that raise the legal questions as well.

If something happens, where’s the liability? Where’s the insurance? What do we need to do to ensure people are protected?

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Kobe Steel admits to falsifying data over its product standards, affecting 500 firms

steel maker concerns

Japan’s third largest steel maker, Kobe, has revealed that they falsified information about the standards and safety of their steel products.

Kobe supplies steel to major companies across the globe, such as manufacturers of cars, aircrafts, trains and even space rockets.

The scandal has prompted major corporations to double-check their products. Some of Kobe Steel’s consumers and users include: Central Japan Railway; Hitachi (its trains are used in Britain); Mazda Motor Corp; Subaru Corp; Toyota Motor Corp; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Honda; General Motors; Daimler; Airbus
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Steel company fined £1 million over flammable toxic cloud that endangered employees

steel plant fined

A number of employees at Tata Steel were reportedly exposed to a toxic gas that could have killed them or at least seriously maimed them if ignited. Two employees found themselves choking on the airborne chemicals and “suffered coughing and breathing difficulties”.

Both were admitted to hospital for treatment.

The Scunthorpe site in question is reportedly registered as a “top tier” Control of Major Accidents Hazards, as the site stored a lot of dangerously toxic and extremely flammable substances. With the serious risk of explosion and harm, Tata Steel were accused of failing to protect their workers.
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