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Surgical negligence group actions for compensation

surgical negligence group actions

Surgical negligence group actions for compensation can be significant matters in which many people are affected and suffering from serious problems and losses.

At The Group Action Lawyers, we specialise in this niche and complex area of law, and we represent thousands of people engaged in dozens of group and multi-party cases that we have launched. If we are confident that we can succeed with an action, we can work for our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis.

You can find out about starting or joining a group action or multi-party legal case by contacting us for free, no-obligation legal advice here now.

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Warnings issued over false “hypoallergenic” and “fragrance-free” claims

skin beauty products useless claim experts

Warnings have been issued over reportedly false “hypoallergenic” and “fragrance-free” claims for huge volumes of skincare products. According to recent research, the ingredients of the top 100 best-selling moisturisers sold by vendors like Amazon were examined, and the results were surprising.

According to the studies, over 80% contained a potentially allergenic substance, and almost half of the products tested did actually contain some form of fragrance.

Not so “hypoallergenic” and “fragrance-free” after all…
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Johnson & Johnson talcum powder asbestos case: victim awarded $40m in compensation

The verdict is in for the J&J talcum powder cancer cases, with damages awarded in what is one of the biggest cases of our time.

Johnson & Johnson, together with one of its suppliers, are being ordered to pay out around $40m in damages to one victim who developed mesothelioma, which he claimed had been caused through the use of J&J talcum powder since birth.

Experts called to trial stated that they believe the talc does contain asbestos due to cross-contamination, and claims have also been made that J&J knew about the dangers but allegedly duped regulators and kept the issues quiet by using tests that would not identify asbestos.
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Johnson & Johnson accused of deliberately concealing asbestos in their talcum powder products

johnson's baby power asbestos claims
Reminder: if any person in the UK suspects their cancer may have been caused by the use of talcum powder, please contact our Group Action Medical Team on 0800 634 7575 for help and advice.

The big legal cases against Johnson & Johnson over asbestos allegedly being contained in their talc products is continually heating up.

In the latest, Johnson & Johnson have been accused by legal counsel – representing a male who is claiming damages for cancer that he says has been caused by the use of Johnson & Johnson talc – of deliberately concealing knowledge of asbestos in the product.

If true, this may shed a whole new light on the legal cases for compensation against them.
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‘Perfect skin’ beauty products are useless claim experts… But where does this leave consumers?

skin beauty products useless claim experts

According to scientific research, beauty supplements that promise better skin may just be a huge waste of money, leading to questions over consumer rights for those who have tried these products and have not benefited from their use.

The industry is worth millions in the UK, and with the exposure of social media giving beauty supplement sellers a platform to market their products to the masses, the market is expected to keep on growing. The costs of these products are often high, but with research now saying that the use of such products may be a waste of money, where does this leave consumers?
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Warnings against dangerous and unapproved silicone injections

injection warning

Cosmetic surgery is extremely popular, with procedures being much more common and far more accessible these days. Clinicians have been keen to take on the enlarged demand, but not all are appropriately qualified, and not all are apparently using approved materials.

There are many horror stories about people trying to ‘improve’ their breasts, faces, biceps and buttocks by having all sorts of materials injected into them. In recent years, we’ve a seen a trend in silicone injections being obtained from the black market and / or being used by questionable clinicians.

The consequences can be horrifying…
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Colgate-Palmolive settles lawsuit over its talc-based products “containing Asbestos”

talcum-based products reportedly contained asbestos

Colgate-Palmolive has agreed to settle a lawsuit over claims that a claimant developed cancer after using their talcum powder products.

Carol Schoeniger reportedly developed Mesothelioma, which is a rare and fatal form of cancer that is known to be caused by asbestos exposure. This exposure allegedly came from the talc-based products she was using that reportedly contained Asbestos.

The settlement sum was not disclosed, which may have been an effort to defer others from claiming the same, but the pay-out is likely to have been significant.
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Hypoallergenic moisturisers may contain toxic chemicals

A recent scientific study found that a number of moisturisers marketed as “hypoallergenic” may not actually be so hypoallergenic in reality.

A medical journal reportedly discovered that some products labelled as “fragrance free” or “hypoallergenic”, which should therefore be suitable for people suffering from sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, may still carry toxic chemicals that irritate the skin.

This surely goes against the whole idea of such products in the first place.
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Johnson and Johnson accused of covering up evidence associating carcinogenic properties in its talc products

talcum powder ovarian cancer link

Thousands of claims are being made against Johnson and Johnson for the allegedly harmful properties their famous talc powder is said to have had on users worldwide.

Johnson and Johnson have been vehemently denying the allegations, citing scientific studies to prove there is no cancer risk related to their talc. However, one lawsuit made on behalf of numerous woman suffering from ovarian cancer blames Johnson and Johnson for giving them ovarian cancer, and alleges the company has been lying and conspiring to hide the truth for decades.
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Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay out over £300 million for “carcinogenic” talcum powder

talcum powder ovarian cancer link

Global healthcare company Johnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay around £319 million in damages to a woman after she developed ovarian cancer allegedly from using their talcum baby powder.

The jury came to the conclusion that the company failed to warn consumers of the alleged risks associated with ‘perennial talc exposure’ – specifically the apparent heightened risk of developing ovarian cancer.

The lawsuit cited the International Agency for Research on Cancer classification of talcum powder as a possible carcinogenic substance in 2006.
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