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Three years have passed since the Ticketmaster data breach, which affected the private information of a huge number of customers. An external hacker was able to compromise Ticketmaster’s wider systems, allowing them to steal personal details and payment data from customers making online bookings. The wide-reaching impact of this breach must be accounted for, which is why we are still pursuing our Ticketmaster data group action, aiming to help those affected by the incident to claim the compensation that they deserve.

All third-party organisations in possession of personal information must abide by the regulations set out in data protection law. Where they fail to do so, their actions (or inaction) could be regarded as a data protection breach, and those affected could then be entitled to claim compensation for any harm caused.

If you were adversely impacted by the Ticketmaster data breach, you can assert your rights using data protection law by making a compensation claim. We can offer free, no-obligation on your eligibility for a claim, and can get your claim underway swiftly if we think you could be entitled to compensation.

The Ticketmaster cybersecurity vulnerability

While hackers can often be responsible for data theft, data controllers can also share a portion of the blame when they fail to meet cybersecurity standards. Such was the case in the Ticketmaster data breach in our view, in which a vulnerability on the company’s website opened it up to external cyberattacks.

The hacker in question made use of a defect in a chatbot, provided by third-party company Inbenta Technologies, that was installed on the Ticketmaster payment page. Due to this weak spot, the hacker was able to upload malicious software to the website, which could track customers’ payments and consequently steal their payment details.

As a result of this data theft, many victims of the Ticketmaster data breach fell prey to fraud, with unauthorised transactions appearing on their accounts. A number of banks alerted Ticketmaster to the potential of malicious activity on their website, after making a connection between account holders’ purchases with Ticketmaster and the fraudulent transactions on their accounts.

Compensation claims in our Ticketmaster data group action

In our view, Ticketmaster’s failure to prevent or correct the vulnerability on their website can amount to negligence, even with the fact that it was a third-party bot that was compromised. The company have already been fined £1.25 million by the ICO for a breach of data protection law, and we believe that victims could be eligible to recover significant compensation pay-outs in our Ticketmaster data group action.

Data breach claims can allow damages to be recovered for any distress that victims have suffered, as well as any financial losses that they have faced. In our Ticketmaster data group action, we estimate that many victims may be able to claim compensation to cover the losses caused by the fraudulent activity on their accounts, as many had their payment details compromised in the breach.

Make your claim today

We initiated our Ticketmaster data group action right after the breach was reported and have been taking on claims ever since. As we mark the third anniversary of the incident, there is a limited amount of time remaining to claim, so it is important for all those who were affected to seek advice as soon as possible.

Our specialist data breach team can offer free and no-obligation advice to anyone affected by the Ticketmaster data breach event. Further, we can even offer No Win, No Fee representation to eligible claimants.

Contact us today for more information.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

First published by Author on July 20, 2021
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