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If you were affected by the Shurgard data breach of June 2018, you may still have a chance to claim compensation. We were alerted to the breach soon after it occurred and began representing people who had their information exposed.

The Shurgard data breach was caused by an internal employee error within the company, which led to the unintentional exposure of highly sensitive employee data. Those affected may have been made to feel insecure in their own workplace, a position that they should never have been put in.

In fact, all businesses and organisations who hold personal data have an obligation to protect it in compliance with data protection law. When a data controller neglects its responsibilities, they may be in breach of key data regulations, enabling the victims to make compensation claims. Those who were affected by Shurgard data breach can contact us to receive free and no-obligation advice on their eligibility to make a claim.

What caused the Shurgard data breach?

The Shurgard data breach was provoked by what has been deemed to be a needless employee error, after a staff member mistakenly sent spreadsheets containing employee information to the wrong recipients. Although the recipients were staff members themselves, they were not authorised to view the information within the files, which should only have been accessed by designated staff members. It is believed that the intended recipients were members of the HR or managerial teams.

The company’s response after the email error was unusual as we understand it, as a second email soon followed telling recipients the previous message was an “IT system error” and should be deleted immediately. In what is understood to be an attempt to prevent employees from opening the attachments, the recipients were also told that such an action could reportedly “cause issues with your system”.

The exposed data in the breach

As a result of the employee error, the data in the spreadsheets was compromised. The exposed information included details such as:

  • health problems;
  • competency information;
  • attendance details;
  • concerns over skills;
  • employees’ potential for succession;
  • probationary period data;
  • grievance information;
  • suspension information;
  • details about investigations into employees.

This information should have been kept private, should only have been disclosed to authorised employees, and should only have been used for human resources or management purposes. Its unintentional disclosure could constitute a breach of data protection law.

Claiming data breach compensation as a victim

If you were affected by the Shurgard data breach, you still have a chance to make a compensation claim. By making a claim, you could recover damages for the distress the incident has caused you, and you will also be holding the company accountable for its actions.

Employee data breaches involving sensitive information can have serious implications, which is why we believe it is important for those affected to be able to access the justice that they deserve. We have been representing victims for privacy matters since 2014, and we can use our expertise to offer you free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

Simply contact our team today or register your details for a call-back, and join the claimant group who are already pursuing their legal cases now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

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