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Our specialist team at the Group Action Lawyers represent victims for pelvic mesh compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis in England and Wales.

We have been helping people with advice and claims in this complex and niche area of law for a number of years, and this is one of the over 50 group and multi-party actions that we have launched. We have a great deal of experience and specialism in medical compensation cases, having recovered millions of pounds for clients over several years.

You are not alone, and you have a voice for justice. Here is some brief guidance about how we may be able to help you, as well as how you can contact the team for free, no-obligation advice today.

No Win, No Fee pelvic mesh compensation claims

We represent a number of clients for pelvic mesh compensation claims, and we offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients. We firmly believe in access to justice, and we know that many women would be unable to claim unless there were the No Win, No Fee agreements in place that we offer.

If we consider that a patient has a valid case and real prospects to succeed with the claim, that is when we can offer this kind of representation. It means that we can, subject to the terms and conditions agreed, write off our legal fees if the claim does not succeed. In eligible cases, this allows women to be able to claim with the comfort of knowing that they will not have to pay legal fees if the case loses.

What could you claim for?

As with most personal injury compensation cases, there are two key elements that make up pelvic mesh compensation claims.

These are:

  • General Damages: for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity suffered; and
  • Special Damages: for any losses incurred or expenses paid out.

Problems and complications can be severe in vaginal mesh cases, and there is a lot to consider. At the same time, losses and expenses can also be substantial when victims cannot work and may lose huge amounts of money from lost earnings.

Generally speaking, the more you suffer, the more a case could be valued. The more you have lost or paid out that is a direct result of the injury and complications, the more a claim could be valued at as well. We measure the General Damages by instructing a private expert to produce a medical report for us. They can also comment on the reasonableness of any losses and expenses, which are typically calculated with evidence of the costs and amounts.

How to access free and no-obligation advice

We are always happy to provide people with free and no-obligation advice for pelvic mesh compensation claims. This is where we can have a chat and tell you if we consider that you have a valid claim. We can then offer to take it on for you, and you then have the choice as to whether you go ahead with a case or not.

To speak to the team today, please do not hesitate to contact us here today.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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