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Nissan and Renault emissions claims

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Nissan and Renault, two manufacturers in the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance, are among the numerous manufacturers to have been implicated in the ongoing car emissions scandals, which has its origins in the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal of 2015. If it emerges that these manufacturers did cheat emissions tests, victims may be eligible to make Nissan and Renault emissions claims.

The emissions scandals may have caused untold damage to human health and to the environment due to the alleged excessive production of toxic emissions. Further, if allegations are proven to be true, customers may have been mis-sold their vehicles on false pretences, and they deserve some form of justice.

We encourage anyone who has owned or leased a potentially affected model to come forward, because we think it may emerge that their consumer rights have been breached based on the allegations made so far.

Our Nissan and Renault emissions group action

In our group action for Nissan and Renault emissions claims, we are responding to the accusations levelled at the two companies regarding the suspected use of so-called defeat device technology in their vehicles.

Defeat devices, in these cases, could allegedly circumvent emissions regulations. It could be software or hardware that is installed in vehicles to enable systems to, for example, identify when an emissions test is occurring. During testing, systems could then lower the emissions output to meet regulatory limits. In a real-world road setting, however, vehicles could emit levels of NOx emissions exceeding regulatory limits.

While Nissan and Renault strongly deny the allegations made against them, we believe that there is enough evidence to investigate that the accusations have weight. In fact, the Department for Transport conducted independent investigations which are understood to have reportedly found that there were discrepancies in NOx emissions outputs.

Making Nissan and Renault emissions claims

The law designed to protect consumers and could allow those who own allegedly affected models to make Nissan and Renault emissions claims. You can verify if you are eligible on the car emissions website here. If your car has been recalled for a software update, this may be a key indicator of your eligibility.

Those who have been affected could be eligible to claim on the basis that they were allegedly mis-sold their vehicle, which they were led to believe was safe and legal to drive. Under the CPUT (Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations), claimants could be eligible to recover between 25% to 75% of the full purchase price of their vehicle. For eligible clients, we can even offer No Win, No Fee representation meaning that, subject to the terms of our agreement, we can write off your legal fees if your claim is lost.

Start your claim today

While no official deadline has been set, the court may well impose a cut-off date for our Nissan and Renault emissions claims action, meaning that it is vital that any affected car owners sign up to register a claim as soon as possible.

We are determined to hold any cheating car manufacturers to account for the environmental and health damage they may have caused where allegations are proven to be true. So, join today to play your part in our fight for justice.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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First published by Matt on March 09, 2021
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