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The British Airways group action deadline has received a short extension to summer 2020, which may mark the final end as to when people can sign-up for a legal case and take part in the GLO.

The first BA data breach emerged almost three whole years ago in 2018, and The Group Action Lawyers has been taking on claims for almost as long. However, there are still thousands of customers who have still not made their claim yet.

If all 400,000 victims claim, they could be sharing a total compensation pay-out of up to an estimated £2.4 billion, according to current estimations based on case law and settled claims information. All you should need to claim is proof that BA notified you of your involvement in one of their two data breaches in 2018, so do not hesitate to register on the BA Group Action site here if you think you are eligible.

A recap of the British Airways data breach

In 2018, British Airways suffered two separate data breaches, one between April and July, and the other between August and September. The result was the exposure of extensive personal details including names, billing addresses, email addresses, payment card details, and CVV security codes written on the back of credit and debit cards.

The breaches affected rewards customers, and users of the airline’s website and app.

Claim before the British Airways group action deadline expires

There is only a matter of weeks left to claim before the British Airways group action deadline GLO arrives, so it is important that you start your No Win, No Fee compensation claim as soon as possible.

Ideally, we need as much time as possible to collect all the information regarding your claim. This is because we need specific details about how you have been affected to properly substantiate your case, and this can take time to sort. For this reason, our deadline for new cases joining will fall in advance of the final GLO deadline.

Our advice is simple: act now, or you simply risk missing out.

The compensation amount you could claim could be valued in respect of two categories: General Damages and Special Damages. The first can cover any distress or emotional suffering you have undergone as a result of the data breach, while the second comprises of any financial losses or expenses that may have been incurred, for example due to fraud.

The current estimate for the average compensation value currently stands at £6,000, based on extensive knowledge of case law and information from previous settled claims.

To claim the maximum possible compensation value, we need all the time we have left to evaluate your case accurately. It is vital that you join now before the British Airways group action deadline passes.

Claim with The Group Action Lawyers

At The Group Action Lawyers, we have significant experience of data breach claims and group action lawsuits. These are the two areas of expertise that will serve us well in our fight for justice for affected BA customers.

We sit on the Steering Committee for the BA group action, meaning we are one of the law firms responsible for the overall conduct of the litigation.

Go now to the BA group action site to start your claim. With BA reportedly looking to settle claims out of court, the outcome is looking positive for our clients, and we do not want anyone to miss out.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

First published by Matt on February 16, 2021
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