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British Airways data breach settlement may be on the horizon

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Given recent development in the action, we believe that a British Airways data breach settlement could be imminent. The latest development in the British Airways group action has seen the airline notify the court of their intentions to seek negotiations to resolve the cases, a move which could prompt an out-of-court settlement of as much as £2.4 million if all victims join the action.

The update comes as pressure is ramped up on BA, and marks a significant change of approach as the airline previously seemed to be set on defending the claims all the way.

We believe that a settlement could bring significant compensation to registered claimants, helping to draw the long legal case to a successful close. The victims have been waiting since 2018, so we welcome the approach of a compensation pay-out. However, time is running out – we urge all victims to join the action if they haven’t already, as the deadline is fast approaching.

The British Airways data breach scandal – what happened?

In 2018, it was revealed that the personal data of around 400,000 BA customers was accessed over the course of two data breaches.

The first occurred between April and July 2018, when BA rewards customers were informed that their personal and financial data may have been subjected to unauthorised access. In the second period, between August and September 2018, a breach of the airline’s website and mobile app compromised further customer data.

We knew how serious the BA breach was as soon it was announced, so we did not hesitate in taking on claims for the affected customers.

The Group Litigation Order

We knew immediately that our experience of group actions and data breach claims equipped us with the expertise to help run a Group Litigation Order for the BA data breach. In October 2019, when the GLO was announced, we were appointed the Steering Committee responsible for leading the action, and our work has since helped to unite thousands of affected customers in a common effort to win compensation and hold the airline to account for their negligence.

As we aim towards a potential British Airways data breach settlement, we estimate that the average compensation pay-out per claimant could be as much as £6,000, increasing beyond this to as much as £16,000 if the psychological suffering caused by breach is profound.

Deadline approaching – claim now and do not miss any British Airways data breach settlement!

If you have yet to claim in the British Airways group action, we cannot stress the urgency of joining the action before it is too late.

Lawyer and Director, Aman Johal, issued the following statement to the press:

“I urge all affected by the breach to come forward and join the class action before the GLO closes. While three months may seem like a long time, you could potentially be losing out on a five-figure settlement sum if you do not join in time.

We are receiving hundreds of enquires a day as people scramble to meet the coming deadline, and we still receive a lot of enquiries from people who missed the deadline for previous actions we have been involved with and, unfortunately, we have to turn them away.”

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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First published by Matt on January 19, 2021
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