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Regulators demands HomeoLab change manufacturing process for teething products over inconsistent levels of deadly nightshade

baby products

Regulators sent a stern letter to HomeoLab listing the problems it discovered during a recent inspection at the homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturer’s labs. It noted the company’s “significant violations” in the way it manufacturers infant products, which included the inconsistent use of the deadly poison belladonna; commonly known as deadly nightshade.
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Medtronic recalls disposable diabetes infusion sets over risk of causing hypoglycemia

Medical device manufacturer Medtronic Plc is recalling disposable diabetes infusion sets as a possible defect may trigger excessive doses of insulin to the diabetic user, putting them at risk of hypoglycemia.

The recall reportedly affects insulin infusion sets distributed all over the world.

The device, connected to an insulin pump, features thin plastic tubing with a needle or cannula at the end to carry insulin into the body when needed. However, apparently, “one in every two million” sets may contain a “complication”.
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Demands for fidget spinners to be recalled over allegations of toxic lead contamination

fidget spinner recall

Major retailer, Target Corporation, has recalled two of their popular fidget-spinners over reports that they contain excessive levels of toxic lead.

The heavy metal is poisonous and can cause symptoms through exposure like stomach pains, headaches, constipation, irritability, memory problems, and tingling in the hands and feet

The brain is particularly sensitive to lead exposure, and in serious cases, exposure can cause seizures, coma and even death. Survivors of lead poisoning may become anaemic and infertile
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Product Liability Claims in Group Action cases

defective product claims

As a consumer, you are protected by law for defective products causing you harm. Under things like the Sale and Supply of Goods and Services laws and regulations, manufacturers and suppliers must only sell things that are, amongst other things, safe and fit for purpose.

Defective products, depending on their purpose, can create all sorts of problems, including injuries and financial loss. We have represented (and still are representing) victims for major product claims here in the U.K., such as the PIP Breast Implant scandal, the Metal-On-Metal hip device problems, and the massive VW Emissions Scandal action.

It’s a huge area of law and one we’re particularly experienced in.
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Consumer Protection Act claims – the “bread and butter” of Group Action litigation

defective product claims

There are many laws that protect consumers in relation to goods and services bought and ordered. The Consumer Protection Act of 1987 can protect consumers from ‘damage caused by defective products’.

Along with various other laws, this Act ensures that products and services are fit for purpose and do not pose a risk to property or cause personal injury. Producers can be liable for defective or dangerous products, and should they cause any harm or injury, the producer may be liable to pay damages to those affected.
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